Falling for Copenhagen

It’s true, I am a self-confessed and unashamed Scandiphile, from our inaugural holiday to Stockholm it was love at first reindeer meatball. Denmark is no exception, three trips later and another planned this July, I have fallen hard for Copenhagen’s unique charms. Of course I may be slightly biased, getting both engaged and married there means the … More Falling for Copenhagen

48 hours in Hamburg

Why visit Hamburg? To start with, Easyjet’s very cheap flights on offer, secondly my husband never having been to Germany before chose Hamburg for his birthday weekend over Milan. Of course, there is the famed Beatles connection and the city reminded me of Liverpool in more ways than one, but there is also an admirable counter … More 48 hours in Hamburg

Hand luggage only: How to travel light in India!

Going to India with a friend for an Ashtanga yoga retreat, we were particularly concerned about our airlines losing our suitcases and leaving us stranded in Kerala with no clothes, toiletries and most importantly no yoga gear. So we made a pact to travel light and make sure it was hand-luggage only all the way … More Hand luggage only: How to travel light in India!

Yoga vs. Pilates

The yogi in me knows there shouldn’t be a competition between the two, but to some extent Yoga feels like a contest anyway. The conversations overheard in my first ever studio only affirmed this. Who can hold their handstand the longest (answer: not me)? Who is further through the primary series? Who is able to … More Yoga vs. Pilates