Day 1 – Juicing?

One of the items not on my new year’s resolution list was doing a juice cleanse, it was rather a spontaneous notion that appeared to me on January 3rd whilst surrounded by empty chocolate boxes, crisp packets, and ice cream tubs. Without even having the excuse of a hangover I had turned my living room in to a pit of doom that any student would be proud of. Watching a Channel 4 documentary about the best and worst diets in the world I felt like a slovenly sea lion lolling around my sofa – something had to give. Perhaps it was a moment of madness in my sugar addled haze, but I decided there and then to try juicing for 5 days.


Juicing as a means of purifying the body has never seemed to add up, the liver is very efficient at detoxing and I know mine is one sturdy motherf*cker given my past drinking habits. So why am I doing this?

Firstly I have the willpower of a five year old in a sweet shop so this is a serious mental challenge for me, an obstacle to overcome if you will. Secondly, as with most things  I do in life, I’m doing this out of curiosity. Lastly, this seems a good way to kick start cutting processed foods out my diet, as extreme as that may sound I work better going cold turkey.

*This is not to lose weight* klaxon! Whether anyone believes that or not is largely irrelevant; I know I don’t need to be slimmer, however I do need to consume much more fruit and veg.

Because I’m not hell bent on self flagellation, caffeine will remain part of my daily routine as coffee is nigh on my only vice now. Also I’m not technically “detoxing”. Apparently most people who give up on juice cleanses (or whatever you want to call them) do so because they miss the act of chewing – I can understand that – which is why I’m including some solids such as yoghurt, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Neither am I going to spend £100s on an official plan, rather do it on my own and use it as an exercise in listening to what my body needs. If that means some chocolate then so be it!


So here goes… far feeling pretty good, but let’s see if my willpower withstands the smell of pizza in the oven later. Or my colleagues chatting about kebabs.

Day 1 

1 Pret Meaner Green juice – Romaine lettuce, celery, apple, basil and lime

1 Pret Banana & Almond shake – Bananas, Cashews, Dates, Almond Milk

2 coffees with milk

Handful dried apricots and cranberries

1 herbal tea

1 homemade juice – Pom juice, Beetroot, spinach, cherries, baobab

1 Liberte blueberry yoghurt

1 hot lemon with cayenne pepper and maple syrup


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