Day 2 – going strong!

Unsurprisingly I woke up feeling hungry and a bit grumpy today. Whether this cantankerous mood was a result of being back in the office or the juicing, or both, I can’t really tell. What I will say is my productivity at work this morning was though the roof – has my body gone in to some kind of super efficient energy mode?

By 11am the mere thought of a lunchtime juice had me salivating (who knew it was possible to behave this way about juice?!) and I rather enjoyed my ‘Carrot, Orange and Ginger’ purchase from Pod. Even if it was a complete rip off.


Mid afternoon slump hit hard though and the chocolates on the breakfast bar were winking at me continually. What kind of animal brings multiple boxes of Thorntons to work in the first week of January? However I managed to resist, which made me feel I had accomplished something from this whole experiment.


Due to sugary temptations abound, my decision to include solid foods has turned out to be a lifesaver (I would have failed after about 4 hours otherwise), yet the real challenge is to eat merely a handful of something rather than shovelling a whole packet of dates / nuts / cranberries in to my greedy mouth.

So far so good. Feeling perky!

Lesson learned today = self discipline

Day 2

Handful medjool dates

1 Pret Meaner Green juice – same as yesterday

1 Pod juice – carrot, orange and ginger

1 homemade smoothie – Pom juice, spinach, beetroot, strawberries, mint, baobab

1 Chia seed pudding

2 coffees with milk

2 herbal teas

1 hot lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper


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