Days 3 – 4 : A learning curve

Days 3 and 4 have been slightly harder in sticking to juices, not because I’ve felt faint or lacking energy particularly, more due to the boredom of being on liquids for such a prolonged period. Harking back to my first post I am far more cognisant of the reasons for failure now.


My view is that if something can go in a smoothie then it’s probably harmless in solid form on a plate (within reason, I wouldn’t blend a pizza!), so I’ve had a little more to munch on. In some people’s minds this may raise the question “well why doesn’t she just eat more fruit and vegetables rather than juicing?” which is a valid point. It’s rather about changing my mindset than punishing myself, if the alternative to having a juice is a portion of salad then the latter is clearly more appealing and still nourishing. Whereas more recently when faced with several options eating out, I have nearly always gone for the most unhealthy item on the menu i.e chosen a piece of cake or sausage sarnie over a salad or smoothie. The dynamic of my food choices needs to shift.


There also lies the risk of the purge-binge effect if humans deprive our bodies too hard and fast of food, so all that would happen come Saturday is I would gorge on burgers, chocolate and cheese. The opposite of what I want or need. The point of this is to introduce more nutrients in to my diet in a manageable way, hopefully one that will carry forward.

What has been interesting this week are the reactions from others. Imparting their infinite wisdom to tell me what I’m doing is a terrible idea, that there are loads of ‘hidden’ sugars in juice, that I don’t need to lose weight, or that it’s pointless pseudo science. Whatever the intended effect of their lecturing is,  it’s lost on me. A show of concern probably but largely it comes across as patronising; assuming I would not notice if my body lacked energy, or know that fruits have naturally occurring sugars, or understand this is not a sustainable diet long term.

Lesson learned: Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.

Day 3

1 Eat green juice – apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lime, ginger

1 Pret shake – banana, dates, cashews, almond milk

1 homemade smoothie – Pom juice, beetroot, red pepper, cherries, baobab

Small bowl of spinach & pumpkin seeds

1 Liberte blueberry yoghurt

2 coffees with milk

Day 4 (so far & planned)

Handful medjool dates

1 Eat juice – carrot, orange and ginger

1 Pret juice shot – ginger and apple

1 homemade smoothie – red pepper, spinach, raspberry, pineapple juice, mint

Small plate of broccoli, almonds, green salad

2 coffees with milk

2 herbal teas


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