The end is nigh…

Day 5 – The ultimate day of my juicing plan was the most difficult to adhere to, probably because the end was almost within my reach, and frankly I was so sick of liquids I thought I might actually throw up.

Admittedly at 8pm I rushed straight to the fridge to pull out the seafood linguine waiting for me, and boy were those carbs good! As was the chocolate for pudding. However after the initial small binge, I went back to fairly healthy eating over the weekend because the benefits had already been reaped; more energy, better digestion, sleeping well, brighter skin, flatter stomach, less gassy (on that latter point I would like to highlight that I did not experience the “juice shits” as one friend inquired).

Sunday Brunch

One de facto perk of last week was eating less meat, an item on my New Year’s resolution list. My little experiment has shown me that I can survive and function reasonably well on a predominantly plant based diet containing fewer calories, especially given my fairly sedentary lifestyle. Which makes me think I’m likely consuming more than I should in general, and that replacing processed foods with more foliage in particular is a good idea.

Juicing is clearly not something anyone would want to do 24/7 as you would go mad, but it is something I would do again albeit for a less prolonged period (don’t worry, I won’t blog about it again). It has given me the impetus to replace a few lunches with smoothies or juices during the week to get my ‘5 a day’. Whatever anyone else’s assessment of the health benefits, my personal experience is that I consumed far more fruit and veg than I would have done otherwise. Which was the point.

Job done.

Day 5

1 Pret Meaner Green Juice – Romaine lettuce, celery, apple, basil and lime

1 bottle veg juice – beetroot, pomegranate, carrot, watercress, melon

1 Boost ball – spirulina and ginseng

Bowl seafood linguine

1 chocolate bar

2 coffees with milk

2 herbal teas


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