My year in review

As we await the slow sunrise of 2017 and all it brings, I take a brief look back on the last 12 months… 1. Marriage. Starting on a positive, this year I got wed in Copenhagen (blog post to follow!). Marrying the coolest man in the world was one of the highlights of my life; we did it … More My year in review

Looking back…

…. this has been another stellar year of travelling and all round good times! Things I have achieved or learned in 2015 : How to be kinder to myself, mentally and physically Lots of people are arseholes and the only thing I can control is my reaction to them Visited 4 different continents, and 7 … More Looking back…

Playing dinner lady – my morning at the Whitechapel Mission

Last week I volunteered at the Whitechapel Mission, my company took part in the Breakfast Challenge where as a group we prepared, cooked and served breakfast to a small pocket of the homeless and marginalised in London. What initially seemed like an excellent opportunity to get out of the office for half a day soon turned … More Playing dinner lady – my morning at the Whitechapel Mission

Au Revoir Paris

Today I looked over my diary for the remainder of the year, in doing so three things hit me; I have no annual leave left, I can’t afford another holiday anyway, and this means I won’t be able to make my annual pilgrimage to France. This tradition is a decade long now so it feels slightly sad … More Au Revoir Paris

The problem with Australia and Coffee

So “Australian coffee is the best in the world” is it? According to an article I just read on it is. Beware though, do not confuse this with some kind of industry standard recognition rather it is a self awarded accolade of greatness. This kind of braggadocio is symptomatic of the arrogance and introspection that gives Australians … More The problem with Australia and Coffee