Yoga vs. Pilates

The yogi in me knows there shouldn’t be a competition between the two, but to some extent Yoga feels like a contest anyway. The conversations overheard in my first ever studio only affirmed this. Who can hold their handstand the longest (answer: not me)? Who is further through the primary series? Who is able to … More Yoga vs. Pilates

My year in review

As we await the slow sunrise of 2017 and all it brings, I take a brief look back on the last 12 months… 1. Marriage. Starting on a positive, this year I got wed in Copenhagen (blog post to follow!). Marrying the coolest man in the world was one of the highlights of my life; we did it … More My year in review

Honeymooning in Morocco

The Morocco in my mind built from various travel sites and brochures was alluring, spiritual, and exotic. An enchanting medley of sweeping dusty landscapes, rich spices and smells, earthy tones, exquisite Moorish architecture. The reality was quite different. Whilst it is impossible to deny the country’s obvious beauty it certainly lacked the charm I had expected, … More Honeymooning in Morocco

3 days in Helsinki

Somewhat controversially I decided to take a solo trip straight after getting married, so with two fingers up to the patriarchy I boarded my Norwegian Air flight to Helsinki. Not having done a huge amount of research and expecting something similar to other Nordic countries I have visited, it was pleasantly surprising to be wrong. … More 3 days in Helsinki

Havana good time!

Cuba –  synonymous with Revolution, Che Guevara, sought after cigars, cheap rum, defiant Socialism or draconian Communism depending on your viewpoint, Scarface, beach holidays, delicious coffee and the Castros. But beyond the stereotypes what is there to discover? In January we set off to find out… We started and ended our trip in Havana, two … More Havana good time!